Pneumatic Tool Repair

We offer pneumatic tool repair. Some things to consider before you send us a tool.

 - We charge a labor fee of $65.00 for most tools plus the parts that need to be replaced. This includes straight grinders, right angles, impacts, verticals, pencil, turbine, rivet guns etc. Some specialty tools have a higher fee please contact us for that rate.

- We will send an estimate that you will need to approve before we begin repairs. If you decide not to repair the tool you will be given the option of receiving the tool back in its disassembled state or we can dispose of it for you. We charge a $15.00 estimate fee that fee is waived if you purchase a new tool or make a purchase from our store.

- If your tool is an import tool it is very unlikely that is worth fixing.

 If you have any other questions about repairs please email us at

We now offer repair of Quackenbush Specialty Drilling Tools. Read the blog post here.

Send repairs to:
Pacific Distributing, Inc.
Attn: Tool Repair
5017 Lackey Rd NW
Vaughn, WA 98394
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